The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa This is one epic winning series. It reminiscent of Richelle Mead's Storm Born; Dark Swan's series, albeit it was an adult themed. Engaging characters, imaginative creatures, unpredictable storytelling, ethereal atmosphere, emotive and eerie. Considering its a Harlequin novel, it got all the theme that fits the bill; Forbidden love, desire, confusion, impending doom that sets your teeth on edge and hearts pounding with adrenaline. But I have a sudden annoyance when I get this twilight vibe suddenly in form of Ash as RobPatz and Puck as TayLtner. Maybe its the dream scene or the prom scene. Its scary... because in my mind, I was casting... Jang Geun Suk as Ashand Reno as Puck Sorry, I can't fit tall, dark, muscularly handsome, i.e: Ian Somerhalder, between them...I've been watching Sucker Punch yesterday and I was reading the book with the OST. Its very eerie when you read the book with Emily Browning's voice saying "Some of them wants to use you, some of them wants to get used by you/ Some of them wants to abuse you, some of them wants to be abused."Loving the series to bits.