The Iron King - Julie Kagawa I'm glad to say, this is very interesting series. I'm more surprised that its a harlequin book.From the title, I was worried that it was one of those steampunk YA novels (I was in steampunk last month) and I was pleased that it was a sidhe genre storyline (I didn't read the synopsis shh...)I think this is the first book that altered sidhe courts by adding Iron fey in it.The only problem is that made me confused. Does Ash and Puck look like a 'boy' in the book? In my mind eye, they were young adults (tall, lean, muscular, stubbly)... but definitely not a 'boy'. I seriously doubt immortal sidhe look like a boy. But considering Meghan is a 16 year old and so I let it pass.BTW, the book is perfect with additional songs; Oren Lavie's A Dance 'round the Memory Tree (a bit ethereal don't you think?) and Nine Inch Nails's At Heart of it All (my favourite all time steampunk soundtrack).