Blood Forever - Mari Mancusi Blood Forever is the final installment of the Blood Coven series that centered around the fairy princess, Sunny and vampire fairy princess and the vampire slayer, Rayne. This book is narrated by both of the POV character instead of a singular narration like the previous books. Near the end of the last book, Rayne's world literally crumpled around her. With death threat hovering, she went to search for her sister and it turned out to be a trap. Magnus was taken as a prisoner by the Vampire Consortium and presumed to be executed and Sunny died from iron poisoning. In distraught, Rayne's boyfriend, Jareth decided to broke off their relationship and leaving Rayne in a limbo. Luckily, earlier she had befriended with a rock star who have a friend that could lead them to the hell dimension and a tiny promise that Rayne could save Sunny. In this book, Rayne make a deal with Hades to turn back time to the start of the first book and thus avoiding Sunny's death all over. But this also mean that Rayne would be human again and both of them would never met with Jareth and Magnus. Or so they thought..Theme : Deus ex machina. Obviously.With everything happening in the previous books, Mari Mancusi turned the table again by giving the characters a tabula rasa (blank slate) so everything that happened, would never happen and the girls could avoid certain things as they had lived through it. And I know it would be obviously cliched and also terrible for the fans but well, here's the twist : ZOMBIES.Honestly, the zombie thing make this book top off as a good ending to a fun and geekish series tolerable. Besides, there are some intense conflicts in this book and variety of hurried resolved plots between the characters which can somehow irritate average readers. But as a fun teenage book to read, you could do no wrong with this book.I do like that Sunny changed as a character from the start of the novel and she did think her ordeal in the series had somehow changed her as a character. Rayne in the other hand doesn't show much characterization as Sunny did but her new time with Jareth has some funny and quirky moments. But the book does focus on Jareth and Magnus especially on the fact that they're quite an opposite of what Rayne and Sunny used too.As a whole, it's an enjoyable end to the series. But there are some things were tied up quite loosely and it does make you feel the ending is so abrupt and make you question if reading the entire series is worth-it as a whole since anyone can skip the rest of the book and just read this one. However, it's a good YA vampire series that was geared appropriately to the demographic and for once in a while, I like that the series is uncomplicated enough to be recommended to youngsters. I certainly couldn't say that to some of the vampire YA series that I ended reading after a couple of books.