Quintana of Charyn - Melina Marchetta I knew that I had some problem in trying to see this book as a Young Adult but honestly, to hell with genre. This book totally rock.The novel began after the events in Froi of the Exiles where Quintana and Froi were separated in an ambush that left Froi half dead and Quintana halfway across the country in grief. At the valley of the Monts, Phaedra of Alonso declared herself dead so that she could hide the pregnant Queen of Charyn from everyone including her husband, Lucien. Eight arrows pierced Froi on that night and left him courting death for months before he could be on his feet. Fearing whether Quintana had escape or being capture, he went around the kingdom of Charyn in search for his love and doing so, he became divided by his love of a woman, the love of both of his family and the love of both of his kingdom.Quintana of Charyn is a very adult book. I'm not talking about sex but politics, adult romance, violence, maturity, more politics and etc.I wouldn't lie to you when I say I had some difficulties with classifying the entire series. But the conclusion of this trilogy couldn't have been so epic. I hope this won't be a turn off to some readers but its a great series altogether. Quintana of Charyn isn't just about Quintana and Froi. Its about Lirah and Gargarin. Lucien and Phaedra. Isaboe and Finn and their family. The kingdoms. The Provincaros. There are layers of emotions and secrets and unexpected thing that was happening and indirectly affected by Quintana herself (hence the title). It's a very long book but somehow I felt fulfilled after reading it. The story that was interconnected to one another is very well done and very emotional. I still don't want to let the characters go until the last chapter. As a whole, the book is very rereadable again and again. I love the story between Phaedra and Lucien. A lot of the characters in this book even the main characters from the first book was well-rounded. Its like the story of Isaboe and Finn never ends and like true characters, they still faced their conflicts and tragedy even after years on from the first chapter of Finnikin of the Rock. I love that old characters get to go on in this book and the newer characters add more substance to the storylines. Its like Melina had carved a whole wide-set of characters and gave them all stories each without sacrificing lengthy work. She let her characters live their live on their own and carved their own emotional responses and motives accordingly to the scenes and the book.Lumatere Chronicles never disappoints. In fantasy, the series is probably the same par to Lord of the Rings and Seven Realms. It does have a slight hint of magic element in this book like A Song of Fire and Ice with the subtle fantasy theme embedded in the series. I enjoyed the series so much and hope that this book received its own deserving hype because I want a tv series on the book. I might be one of the people who have the hate-love relationship to book adaptation but anything to let Melina Marchetta exposed to the world about how wonderful a storyteller she is. The book need endorsement HBO or Showtime at least.When I see the book was shelved under "young adult", I do admit that I was uneasy about the classification. People should be careful around using the word "young adult" for this book since the series is not all about fun and adventure. However, it's not that much 'adult' in a sense like the usual things that made a book adult but it was in the characters that are mature for the right reasons (like why Quintana and Froi seemed to act less like a teenager but more like a confused, scarred and abused young adult that had seen the ugliness in this world... which they do) and this suited tone of the stories tremendously. I enjoyed the book so much and the book is worth the wait.And I do cry hysterically when i finished with this book. Its so wonderful and filled with... love.Love love love love.(I actually need to write three more reviews before this book but I'm busy with exam and triple projects and English cousin coming around and emo nieces and nephew that I kind of.... unenthusiastically.. to want to write anything while I'm being stressed by some workload (include the triple Coursera thing). In fact I have to finish my novelty project tonight and I'm not kidding about how exausted I am today when I found out TODAY is one of my exam and I have to do mousse cake, the sauce, chocolate garnishings in under 2 hours.... but I made it.. sigh)But I love Quintana of Charyn. This book is perfection and its actually calming to write this review than having to move my butt to the cake deco kitchen after this... sigh