Soul Bound - Mari Mancusi It was until I found out that Blood Forever was out that I realized I haven't read Soul Bound yet. Considering both of the books have near release dates in between, so I just read through the ending of Blood Coven in one go. It's not a problem really, because the Blood Coven is quite a short novel series themselves. But now, I get why I used to love the series in the first place.Blood Coven series is about a pair of twins, Sunshine and Rayne McDonald who is a total opposite to one another. In the serials, the sisters took turn narrating the story which the switch does provide fresh POVs into the stories since both characters interpret some events differently. In this book, Rayne, the Gothic Lolita Vampired Vampire Slayer, received an assignment she couldn't refuse. The Vampire Consortium, Pyrus had put a bounty on her sister, Sunny, and should she refuse, Rayne will be terminated immediately with a flick of a button. Rayne tried to delay the inevitable but when a new vampire slayer pop up and decided to change the game. Rayne had to plead to her boyfriend slash new Blood Coven Master, Jareth to help her when she found out that the slayer knew where Sunny is and is sending people after her and Magnus.Rayne McDonald is my favourite narrator of the series. I relate to Rayne more (being gothic lolita at some times, like playing pc games, angst, like vampire, like vampire slayer etc) so she's probably the reason why reading this book isn't such a chore. I do have some qualms with Sunny's POVs (she's like Elena, duh) and Rayne's relationship with Jareth is way funny and entertaining than Sunny's with Magnus.Like I said, Blood Coven is a short book serial. I had some misgivings about giving some plots away because it can take just a paragraph to spoil the entire book. But that's why I have no qualm in finishing the two books in one go. Both of them have it easy with the writing and storyline make sense as a YA novel. But what keeps me going is that the fact that Mari Mancusi always surprises me. She's like the queen of random things.What I love about this book is that Rayne is not a one-dimensional character. To Sunny's perspectives in her own way, Rayne seems like a one-dimensional person but in Rayne's POV, she's quite a good character to follow through. In some ways, Mari managed to immerse herself with her character's characterizations. Some authors who do frequent first POV can end up sounding exactly the same, but not with Mari's Blood Coven. She's a very talented author who is clever with her plotting techniques which sometimes I wished most authors would be that way.In a way, this series is probably a better Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired series than Vampire Academy did. If you want a similar vein to Twilight but hated the terrible plot handling, Blood Coven is fantastic for that. It's a teenage series that suited teenagers who hated Twilight. But I wouldn't recommend the series if you're seeking genre-heavy vampire fiction because it wouldn't be enough.