Angel & Faith Volume 2: Daddy Issues - Christos Gage I didn't read the first volume of Angel & Faith collection (#1 to 5#) or follow the comic book version of Buffy and Angel and so some of the things in this volume is a bit spoilerly to me especially when I found out that Giles is dead. Its quite unavoidable since I'm reading this volume that was highly related to Giles's story. But, I think its a good job by the writers to include Giles back into the storyline even when he's gone.In this book, Angel is investigating the rising cases of people getting severely insane that correlates to timeline in diaries of younger Giles. Angel suspected it was done by a Lorophage Demon that suck out trauma from a person's brain with his sharp nails and proboscis. And when the demon escaped, Giles deduced that it is in still hibernation until now. Faith on the other hand is battling with her own demons. Occasionally, she helped with her team of younger Slayers and trained with Angel while discussing a new vampire in town called Mother Superior. Angel related to this with the Lorophage Demon and consulted with Alasdair Coames. The younger Giles's near-death encounter with the demon might have provided Angel with a clue on gaining Giles' soul which in part probably being extracted by the demon. An information leads Faith and Angel to a church where vampires and vampire groupie clustered around the Mother Superior who is none other than Drusilla.The great thing about graphic novels is that you can go volumes after volumes and the story will probably barely move. So I had no problem in catching up with the storyline. It does help too when I am well aquainted with Angel and Faith from my own old Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel marathon years ago.I do admit the graphic novels is comic-book-styled but the perks of reading a story derived from a tvseries is that the characters is relatable and very familiar. Faith is probably the best character that the artist done which is totally realistic to Eliza Dushku's features. Although I could hardly recognize David Boreanaz in this book but older characters like Dru, older Giles, Faith and Willow is perfectly drawn and it does worked into the series like they're really still in their characters. Its like the tvseries being alive years after it being cancelled. Now I understand the allure by the still surviving fanbase to the post-cancelled stories.Plot-wise, considering this is probably the first canon book of a series I currently rarely follow, its really easy to understand and it does quite close to the tvseries format of a story within a story of a bigger story. One of the worth note from the Angel & Faith series is that the emotions in this book is perfectly done by the artists. The emotionaly intensity by the characters whether if its rage, sadness or happiness is perfectly done that made the books appropriately fit into the horror, dystopian and paranormal genre which the original series kind of lack (the dystopian one obviously). Included in this volume are the artwork sketches and potraits done by the artists which are painstrickenly detailed and coloured. So, if you didn't have a complete issues from Angel & Faith, this book is definitely a must have. Faith and Angel character and plot dynamics is cleverly portrayed in this book and its very enjoyable to read even if you are not a fan of the comics.This graphic novel collection is an ARC supplied by the Dark Horse Comics via NetGalley. The volume will be published on 21st November 2012.