Night of 1000 Wolves - Bobby Curnow Unlike seemingly innocent cover of this graphic novel, Night of 1000 Wolves is an adult horror and supernatural violent graphic novel about a family torn in a tragedy when hundreds of wolves began to target them for a nightmarish bloodbath. Its a serious graphic novel about family, survivalism, the struggle between humanity and nature at its most violent moments. This volume consisted of 3 issues from the series that followed the Benjyon family and their struggle with the sudden influx of raging wolves and werewolves. The story is a subsequent result from the pact between the wolves's god and a man that hunger for power. If you are familiar with the Ghibli's Princess Mononoke, this graphic novel is more violent but similar to the story. The artist had managed to captivate the readers in his richly descriptive setting and emotional creatures and characters. He does not limit himself by toning down the necessity violence in the story which he depicted skillfully. He brought humanity in his characters who are desperate to be alive and afraid by the frightening blood-thirsty creatures who came at them without mercy. The tone of the story is done with efficiency that three issues does seemed limited on the plot but the ending of the novel are guaranteed the reader's interest in the storylines. I wouldn't recommend the book to readers who judge the graphic novel by the cover. If you read the book preview, you'll notice the cover is very sinister. I am not recommending it to people who wanted some light reading or anticipate a great wolf romance out of it. It does contain a close husband and wife loving relationship but its definitely not a twilight romance. So if you are offended by the violence depicted in this book, well, the book doesn't skimp on potraying wolves as cuddly things but in real life, wolves are not a cuddly being. If you approach the novel as a realist, you'll notice there's a great deal of realism in the storyline.But I would recommend the book to adult readers who love the direwolves in the Games of Thrones and Princess Mononoke. Wolves are not a pet nor are they a cuddly thing. Its a serious violent and quite male-centric novel that are not for the soft hearted ones. There's a lot of gore in it and blood which can bother those who have weak stomach. But honestly to me, the gore is quite mild (milder than Saw or Final Destination or Spartacus or The Walking Dead) but the artwork is fantastic. The clever use of the watercolour helped the graphic novel in potraying the desperation and the intensity between the characters, the scenes and the settings. It's a good graphic novel if you are to be specific about the storyline.The ARC is provided by IDW Publishing via Netgalley and the graphic novel will be published on 30th October 2012.