Cat Versus Human - Yasmine Surovec Cat vs Human is a comic skit about an owner with her cats and her obsession with everything with cats. Starting with Anatomy of a Cat Lady which is deathly funny and it goes on to the things that her cats do to her. Some can be totally relatable and some can be totally exaggerated. It's fully illustrated in colour. The dialogues and fonts is by the artist's own hand. The characters and cats can look like it came from doing doodles on Paint Shop... which is probably correct. Plus, it's almost like an autobiographical comic from the author. The character and her pictures is the same actually. She used a simple one or two page doodle to tell a random story about her with her boyfriend with a cat. Her neighbour and her with a cat. Her co-workers. Strangers. Families. The only repetitiveness is 'cat-loving'.It's really hard to dislike this book. I used to own cats a long time ago before I went to my matriculation college. I've been having my cat allergies for longer than that so when my family started to wean off cats, I'm starting to get better. Not. I'm still a cat lover who can't touch cat but my allergies erupted on non-cat things so, this book does help me became acquainted with the whole cat loving. (I have pets too.. my anak buah ler) I really miss having cats while reading this book. I really do enjoy this book even as a non-cat-having cat-allergic cat-lover. Everyone should go to her blog too :