Bride of the Water God, Volume 2 - Mi-Kyung Yun From the previous volume, Habaek was pressured by the presence of his mother and as Mui, he told her to go back to her world. But Soah said an unexpected thing by lying that Habaek is in love with her and she wouldn’t leave him. This confused Mui who is also Habaek, and began to wonder about his attachment to her. Soah wondered why Mui wanted her to go back and Tae Eul Jin In revealed to her that Habaek and Mui is the same person. Soah remained unconvinced by deathly suspicious with the possibility. She thought about the scene when she accidentally saw him half naked *hmm* and noticed a tattoo on his chest. So she became determined to find out the truth but things was never what it seems.In this volume, I see the development is Soah and Habaek/Mui relationship. Soah grew attached to Mui and is worried about the prophecy of her being in love by two guy. Little did she know, her presence in the world of the gods, Suguk, attracted more nefarious things to her. Hidden agenda and sabotage became a side conflict in this book. The side characters in the earlier is slightly well developed when some of the back stories are slowly embedded into the chapters. Mui began to detect Huye’s feelings for Soah and is unwilling to let her go.Honestly, even with the slow moving chapters, it does get interesting at the end. I was intrigued by the plot and it does seems like Yami No Matsuei for a while but of course, it doesn’t have overtone of Yaoi. Its a fast reading and I was pleased with character development. Soah is becoming more approachable and she does have occasional funny bones in her. I’ll look forward to the continuation of the series.