Bride of the Water God, Volume 1 - Mi-Kyung Yun The first volume in Bride of the Water God is about Soah who was offered by her villagers to the water god, Habaek, as a bride. Her husband, Habaek, turned out to be a child but soon Soah got to know him and his companions a lot better until she became captivated by a tall and handsome man called Mui. In addition to occasional monster and weird mythical creatures of the night, Soah became entangled by her feelings, the politics in the heavenly world and the love of two men.I hope that’s cryptic because I wouldn’t want to spoil the story.The Bride of the Water God is a richly descriptive shoujo manhwa/graphic novel with the romance elements of Park So-hee’s Goong, the fantasy artistic elements from Yoko Matsushita’s Yami no Matsuei and some conflicts similar to Hino Matsuri’s The Marchen Prince. However despite all that, the story in this manhwa is quite intriguing enough to continue reading without being distracted by various shoujo tropes. I find the conflicts in this volume with Habaek’s mother who is quite similar to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Acheron but Suoh can be an enjoyable protagonist even if she’s sullen and at most time, mournful (well, she did sent by her family to a probably death in the beginning).I understand the allure in Mi Kyung Yun’s style to my sister who is a fan of this series. There’s a lot of natural elements from water, flowers, leaves and beautiful costumes and setting elegance. Not to mention, bishoujo and bishonen moments. The humor in this book is quite mellowed but it is intriguing especially with Soah’s relationship and the mystery realm of the gods. I would recommend it to readers who like romance with some bit of supernatural since the novel is filled with abundance of it.