Amazing Grace - Eve Gaddy Amazing Grace is a contemporary crime drama romance about the Sheriff of Hell, Texas (am pretty sure it's not a real place) called Grace O'Malley and a Texas Ranger undercover as a biologist, Max Riddell, who is investigating Grace for suspicion of aiding smugglers into the country. The novel started when Max was accidentally involved in a brawl and Sherif Grace came to arrest both him and the troublemaker. Max began to get to know Grace and she began to have feelings for him and so does he even if his job is in line. But more and more people started to get in serious hurt and Grace being in the center of it all.This is a long overdue ARC because I found out it was once published and had some misgivings about it especially with the genre. The writing is quite fine for a contemporary novel. I love the female character being a strong hearted girl with some moments of weakness to a guy and stray animals. She actually had to free Max from prisons and several troubles which is quite funny. There's some quirks in her characterization which made her story more interesting until the conventional bed scenes. I'd admit, I skipped the sex scenes because the predictability and repetitive of it. I like the conflict at the end which are intense and convincing as with the plot progressions.However, Max is quite a character I never get into. He seemed to have a hard time making up his mind about everything and his predictable involvement with his assignment and his backstory is very archetypal male pulp romance character. Plus, the cover itself seem meh. I never see the idea in covers of a guy with their arms up. Is he smelling his arms? and it does look disproportionate with the arm length and head from the bad photoshop.It's quite a good book but its nothing remarkable about it except noting that the female protagonist is quite a remarkable girl. The writer did actually say Grace is quite a plain girl but attractive, loyal and independent. Even if she remain a virgin for a right guy but she didn't simper and stuff. I like reading more characters like her. But she would do well in PNR than in contemporary romance fiction.The NetGalley ARC is a reissued novel from Bell Bridge Books and is published on 18th May 2012.