How to Drive a Dragon Crazy - G.A. Aiken How to Drive A Dragon Crazy is actually a fantasy drama action comedy adventure romance from the Dragon Kin series. It's very recommended to read the entire book just for the drama and comedy although the earlier books is quite heavy with the romance part. Why is it necessary? It's because the story about Éibhear and Izzy started in the earlier books and it does build up continuously from the second to this sixth book. So to summed everything in one book is quite daunting especially when it span with a sixteen year old Izzy to thirty something battle-scarred General Izzy and a good-natured Éibhear the Blue to a dangerous berserker, Éibhear the Contemptible.But as a summary, when 16 years old Talaith, a witch, was left pregnant with Izzy, her mother disowned her and she had to give up her baby to serve a goddess as an assassin and it took 16 more years for the mother and daughter to be together. With Talaith became mated with one of the southland dragon prince, Briec, Izzy was adopted to the dragon family and she immediately captivate with the blue-haired Éibhear whom she developed a crush. But something went wrong with both of them, with Éibhear rejecting his feelings her and continued giving mixed response to her which ended badly and Izzy becoming the champion for a dragon god as a price for a bargain.Years after years after that and now Izzy was content with her existence in Annwyl's army and killing trolls and dragon in the war when Éibhear dropped in the middle of the battlefield with a task to bring her back home. However things doesn't go exactly as plan when the dragon god, after years of silence. began to communicate with her again with a dangerous foreboding in the future of the kingdom and the world.To be honest, the book is really good. Its linear, and fast paced. The dialogues is hugely entertaining and every characters from the first book to the last was in this book with some of the children grown to be teenagers and the relationships between the characters are further enhanced with years between them all. A lot of serial romance novel particularly failed at character development but no G. A. Aiken, she is definitely a class above in dialogues and characterization. I mean, how can a person do that consistently in every books??? Superwriters.... A__AOh, the romance, oh well, the romance seemed to have taken a back seat in this book because these two have something more important to take care like their mad dragon family, loads of gore with Izzy being trigger-sword-happy, Mi-runach, sanddragons cult, desert kingdom, the Nolwenn witch, Kvitch, Dragmar's nephew, Rhi's powers, Talan, Talwyn, the Queen Rhiannon, the necessary consequences from the previous books etc.And I lol-ed when someone think this book is an erotica. There's like quite MINIMAL sex scene in this book *pssttwopssst*. I blame the bodice ripper cover. Honestly, shouldn't the publish do a better cover with dragons in the cover. I love dragons! Its a decent fantasy novel series too and a lot of the romance is mostly about sexual tension, conversations and intensity without the flesh part of it. Its very rereadable too if you like politics, wars and more dragon magick stuff. In fact, the dragon-heavy elements in this novel is far more satisfying than GRR Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice.