Cursed Pirate Girl - Jeremy Bastian Cursed Pirate Girl is a girl-oriented action adventure graphic novel about a girl who dreamed about becoming a real pirate and meeting with her dad, an Omerta Seas’s Pirate Captain. The book is divided by several individual issues of the Cursed Pirate Girl series. Unfortunately, the graphic novel is quite brief and its sort of disappointing since I do expect collections to consist of a greater number of issues. More. I want. More.One of the amazing appeal of the graphic novel was the actual graphic and style. When I saw the first couple of pages from the book, I remembered Junji Ito’s chaotic etchings and Mashima Hiro’s humor and his attention to detail. It’s really surprising that you can actually see the intensity in a work. It does help with the comedic in the story which reminded me of Kumakura Yuichi in King of Bandits Jing. I do enjoy staring at each pages more than a couple of minutes like it’s a hidden object game and I get to have some goodies.The storyline is intriguing too. The stories do consist of several POVs and somehow unreliable narrator. The characterization is unique and quite original to unconventional readers expecting something new. Some scenes reminded me of Miyazaki Hayao’s ethereal dreaminess in his movies while maintain absolute consistencies with the thematic plots.The graphic novel was targeted for (Everyone) general audience but I do see the appeal of it in younger readers especially girls who love Elizabeth Swan in Pirates of the Caribbean and older readers who appreciate the swashbuckling storylines. Unfortunately, I would say more about the book if I had read the entire series to come up with a decent review but it’s definitely a comic series to look forward too.Cursed Pirate Girl is an ARC supplied by Archaia via Netgalley. It will be published on 20th November 2012. For those who already enjoyed the individual issues, it a good collector book especially with the freebies at the end of the book which I enjoyed and I do know that original fans of the series would always look forward to.