Buku 1 Hari 1 Resipi 365 Resipi Istimewa Chef Hanieliza - Hanieliza Kamarudin "Buku 1 Hari 1 Resipi" is a collection of Malaysian and Malaysianized-Western recipes that are really easy to follow through for a beginner or for those who love the conventional Malaysian cuisines from hawkers and restaurants but seemed interested in doing it at home. Because of the basic approach taken in the book, everyone seemed to recommend the book for newly weds (i.e: the bride) but I genuinely think its recommendable to anyone whose interested in trying some of the conventional recipes.The book is initially published separately and compile into one book which is divided by sections from poultry, fishes, seafood, beef, mutton, kuih muih, western deserts, malaysian salads often called kerabu and regional variety of local cuisines. The book is bounded like a textbook without hardback with each pages in colour. There are 3 smaller pictures accompanied with each recipes and the recipes was written very simply in a very simple to understand walkthrough. There's a bunch of problems with simpler recipes like this because it usually doesn't entail troubleshooting. During cooking classes, there's a LOT of troubleshooting inside the kitchen especially in my kuih muih kitchen (which I got an A in it, weee). So, like it or not, there's a lot of trial and errors to do in book recipes especially in pastries and desserts. Have you seen me doing honeycomb (sarang) cake lately? Trial and error. But for non-dessert recipes, I think its fine to follow the book and make adjustment to suit your taste.There are some recipes that I really want to try especially fish recipes since I rarely eat fish and let alone cook it.I would recommend the book if you need a collection of basic recipes with pictures. However, there's some food that I like that wasn't in this book (Nasi Kerabu!!!) and there are some versions that I don't prefer (like the Tom Yam recipes... Thai cooking by real Thais really have ruined my taste bud for alternate versions of the food) so it wasn't really that extensive but you could get around it well enough. It will be more bestselling had it being translated to English for international marketing because I do randomly had foreigners asking for these basic recipes and I'm not a walking bilingual dictionary.