Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman Actually, I would have rated it lower but around 300 pages the ending made me change my mind.I adore wu xia half of my life. I watched them all, the Romance of Three Kingdom, Condor Heroes, Storm Raiders, Jue Dai Shuang Jiao and etc. Reading non-asian trying to make a wu xia novel is like dragging a nail on a blackboard. I rarely read descriptive novels and seriously, nearly all 400 pages is a bit tiring and boring. I know it get a lot of awards but I've read manga thats even more interesting that this one.But like I said, the ending change my mind a lot. To be honest, I don't like the naming system in this book. I had an image of M Night Shyamalan's white actors dressing up in chinese robes. It gets bearable as the books goes on but honestly, Goodman would actually have tried names from million of pinyin characters for her book. I do have a problem with a lot of non-asian trying to name their characters (even worst, nicknaming them wrongly). I'm totally bias in this, i'm not east asian myself but hon, I'm obsessed with chinese ancient wuxia since i'm a baby. Honestly, Rygo, Kygo... what am I suppose to pronounce it? Raigo, Reigo, Rigo, Kaigo, Keigo, Kigo? I would have ctrl-find and replace all the characters in names thats more suitable. I have no qualm using either thai, laotian, canto, mando, korean, japanese etc characters but... seriously? I wince when these weird madeup names come around. BTW, I don't really think you can make Eon into chinese pinyin with singular meaning. I would have change the prince name into more kingly. Since Kygo sounded like a jumbled korean-japanese, I would name him Kyou or Haigo or Gojong or Seokyu. Atleast it sounded appropriately east asian and fit with the made up ancient china. I respect the artistic licence but naming like Tyron, Rilla, Chart etc lack authenticity to the scenery. I guess, it won't bother foreigners but its so annoying for me. Name it right ppl.Beside, I'm Earth Dragonian myself. Yeah, I totally own it. Its simple elemental zodiac. But putting zodiac animals with dragon is kinda... lazy... You could totally owned it with calling it jade dragon, pearl dragon, emerald dragon.. etc if you don't want to use zodiac animals. But calling Rat/Ox/Snake dragon... kinda contradicting right...?Oh well, its fiction. Hey, I rated it right. Even though its considerably markah kesian because there's a second book.