Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass is a Young Adult Fantasy novel about Celaena Sardothien, an 18 year old assassin who was captured and sent to rot in a salt mine. Because of a political rivalry, the king wanted a champion to do the dirty works and the crown prince and his captain were sent to the salt mine to retrieve her. A year working in slave condition, Celaena was still unbroken and as sarcastic as she was when she fist came. They offered her a chance to be free from slavery if she won the place to be the King's champion and so Celaena accepted the offer and they escorted her to the castle where she can spend weeks training with the others candidates for the title. In addition to that, Celaena attracted the attention of the prince and the captain with her charm and easy smiles.If you read all that and imagine the storylines, I bet whatever you come up with will be less predictable and fillerless than this book. I'm not kidding about the amount of fillers this book have. Add in some gloss of what appeared to be a strong character to a Serena Van Der Woodseen screentime, you'll have Celaena Sardothien in flesh. I was stubborn that I had thought the book would get better soon with action and plot progression but when I reached half of the book, everything just crumbled. The novel have what FIXI pulp novels suffer with bombastic prologue and first chapter but soulless husk of a plot and storylines. The main character was possibly the most uneven and emotionally bland that I've ever encounter in YA Fantasy. The repetitive superficiality and shallowness against the stark initial characteristics that it tried to sell initially. Because its written with specific YA target group in mind, it can't go away from the predictable triangle love. Because its a multi-POV story, you get to be in the characters' shoes when the boys thought about Miss Sardothien in what girl's usually imagine boys would notice the dress and the hair of the girl when she walk by them. Naturally.If you wanted to read the superficial part of the current YA trend with bland characters and mellowed storytelling with bombastic overrated commercialization, and if you like books like Becca Fitzpatrick, Alexandra Adornetto and Stephenie Meyer, this book is definitely for you.If you wanted to read a story about a messed up girl who became an assassin unwillingly, you should definitely forget about this book's existence and watch Gunslinger Girl or read some adult genre stuff about assassin girls which are much better read than this brick-sized book.