Heart - Blair Butler, Kevin Mellon Heart is a B&W collection of a series of an ordinary man with a dream of being in the fighting ring. He decided to pursue it and worked hard to be where he is. He have talent and determination to break into the boxing career. Despite all the hard work, he pressed on harder and keep on going like a warrior he is. He's deep and almost philosophical even when things gets ugly. Its a simple story with depth and the stark realism take on the modern warriors in the masculine sport.The graphic novel is drawn and written in style of Hong Kong and Japanese manga more than conventional American graphic novels. It some ways, the story muted the violence in the book and made the an otherwise testosterone heavy subject into a surprisingly story about being human. The drawing is clean and engaging. It focus more on the main character and dissociate the readers from its surroundings. The things that was prominent was the character's endurance and personality. However, its too short for me and despite simplistic nature, I do felt the authors being safe with the book and such stories weren't all that uncommon. Its best enjoyed by boxing fanatics and a decent collection to anyone loving the genre.