The Rebel King - Kathleen Creighton The Rebel King is the sixth installment for a Harlequin series "Capturing the Crown" about a bounty hunter, Rhia De Hayes who was on a mission to bring back the missing prince, Nikolas back to his country. Nikolas Donovan was one of the idealist in his country who wanted a change in the system, however his ideals was used in various anarchy agenda that initially he was suspected of plotting the murder of Prince Reginald, the fake prince whom Nikolas had switched places with as an infant. The story is a continuation from the past series which can be disconcerting as the plot had been promising in the beginning when Nikolas caught Rhia trespassing his apartment and realizing that he had met her years before when she dropped on him from a balcony and they shared a kiss before she disappeared. However, soon the story started to go into predictable lengthy detail of their attraction between another and the subsequent mystery of how he was kidnapped as a child. Weirdly enough, there were too much metaphors in its romance scene that was very outdated and very historical-romance like that made reading a bit of amusement and chore for a novel said to be published in 2006. Its a short read to waste time to and very tame despite promising storyline. I was watching The Dark Knight Rises while reading this. Nikolas was like Bruce Wayne and Rhia was Selina Kyle, its entertaining, but there are better reading. Another miss for me.