Buzz Books 2012 - Libba Bray, Barbara Kingsolver, Jasper Fforde, David Levithan, Mark Helprin, Dennis Lehane, Ned Vizzini, Junot Díaz, James Meek, Neil Young, Bill Roorbach, Lawrence Norfolk, Michael Cader, J.R. Moehringer, Peter Heller, Jenny Han, Bee Wilson, Siobhan Vivian, John Kenney, Ma BEA Buzz Book is a collection of excerpts on galleys that was featured in the last BookExpo America. It contained atleast 30 excerpts ranged from various kinds of Debuts, Non-Fiction, YA, Children, Adult, Memoirs, Mystery and General Fiction. Along with it was publisher's information after every end of its excerpts.Unfortunately, not every books are up to my taste since several of the YA fiction are chic lits with considerable predictable storylines of revenge, girlfriends, boys, school and probably some supernatural things happening while some of the adult books concerned with American tales (like periodical history novels, prohibitions, family drama, war and etc) which I was completely disinterested with for obvious reasons. There were also several books on Christian fiction which I skipped for another more obvious reason.Some of the titles that caught my eyes was Matthew Dicks's Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, M.L. Stedman's The Light Between Oceans, Sarah Maas's Throne Of Glass and Bee Wilson's Consider The Fork.I thoroughly enjoyed 'Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend' and had reviewed the book a couple of months ago. It's probably one of the original book that I enjoyed from this anthology. I'm currently reserving the interesting 'The Light Between Oceans' for my fasting month readings. Its a story of a man and his wife who after several miscarriage, found a living infant in a boat with a dead body.Unfortunately, Bloomsbury might have been banning me from Throne of Glass ARCs request which is very dissappointing since its the only fantasy novel in this book that I was looking forward to. 'Consider The Fork' is surprisingly a book on history and basic of cooking. Even with the supplied excerpt, its is very information-packed and a pleasant reading since I'm currently taking a short course on pastry and bakery and I do require some additional readings besides reading 'Professional Cooking'. The supplied excerpt might help the professional industry for upcoming releases but its quite a generalized mainstream selections which may have not appeal genre specific readers. Maybe in the future, BEA would have made specific genre buzz books since it would have been better not to lump everything in one book. This ebook is supplied by Publishers Lunch via NetGalley for BookExpo America 2012.