Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning Rock Hard is a contemporary woman adult fiction about Jessica who broke off her engagement to a rocker, Sed Lionheart because he expected her to stay with him and get married and have kids and didn’t let her go away to pursue law. Two years later, Sed became a famous rocker while Jessica was struggling to get by after a lecturer failed her on one paper which cancelled off her scholarship. Struggling to make fast money, she became a stripper which unfortunately she met up with her ex-fiance who dumped money over her and disappear. Fired, homeless and broke, she gather up her pride and went to the band’s tour busses to slap the money on Sed’s face until Brian’s soon-to-be-wife, a psychologist, wanted Jessica to be her research assistant which she agrees even if it brought her a lot closer to Sed.The writing isn’t too shabby. In fact its very rereadable if you discount all the sex scenes in this book. For an erotica, it might not be as twisted like 50 Shades, but had the approach been subtle, the book would work well on its own. Surprisingly all the characters are well developed unlike the abundance of fornication that the two main character attempt in every kind of voyeuristic way. I do enjoy Trey, Brian, Eric and Jace story arc, but I’m not sure if I will read the first book. Jessica’s conflict with her university, the band, Sed’s alpha tendencies, the groupies, her mother issues and etc are the things that strengthen the book.But its not enough for me to enjoy the books, I feel disenchanted and I kept skipping repeating scenes. Overall, its not a must read unless you really like the blurb and the predictable storyline.