Murder on the Ballarat Train - Kerry Greenwood Oh gosh... I accidentally tapped the touchpad and the longish review were all gone. (wish GR have those save thing) Oh well.1) This book are much better that the tv - not that much different but still different2) Real issues concerning young girls being sold and raped into prostitution3) Interesting factoid about chloroform4) I like Lindsay/Phryne insta-romance in here than snivelling looking Lindsay in the tv5) Better plots than tv episodeI know its uber unrealistic to expect the 1 hour tv episode to copy the whole books with its rich descriptives phrases and 20s fillers. But I'd wish the production would forsake the Lindsay/Phryne pairing and the tug-of-war between lady detective and Detective-Inspector Jack Robinson. I know, the tv need stronger character progression but I'd wish the tv was more daring concerning with the darker theme in the book. But on its own, its quite lovely. Alistair were far more interesting than in the tv (probably the acting strength, I don't know), Frankly Lindsay seems clingy. I want to smack him.