Flying Too High - Kerry Greenwood Unlike the first book, which I did find a bit dragging and filled with fillers, the second book is a much nicer read. I don't mind descriptive readings, its rather enjoyable to see the early 20st century world from the eyes of a flapper lady detective - lol.The book wasn't made into the live action serial, so it wasn't that deary to read and I did enjoy the multiple plots in the most un'spoiler'ly way. There's a double case in this book involving the death of a short-tempered wife-beater socialite and the kidnapping of a child named Candida because of her father's luck in a lottery. I remember the kid's name because I would never name a daughter for a yeast infection. Seriously, being a biomedical scientist made me find jokes in unusual place.There's multiple point of views that a person should be aware of. Personally, I find it distracting but it does give a certain allure in the various characters of the book besides Miss Fisher.But since I knew the character from the TV series, I find the book's miss fisher is somehow lacking. Yes, she's beautiful but her age is somehow left out from the story so its quite bland to see a female stereotypic character like this. Her promiscuity is very curiously unsettling. No, its not that graphic but it brought out the image of Bond and his never ending conquest to impregnate every girls in his movies. Some ways, I'm glad Essie Davis's character have some back stories, her character is older and less impulsive like the book character and Essie's more fun and like to crack sarcastic jokes all the time! These differences in some way helped with both mediums and made them both enjoyable for a person who wished to explore more and experience these sort of things. Purist as always begs to differ but personally, you can't whine about micro-differences in every way just because you childishly expect things to be the same. Predictability is boring.