What a Dragon Should Know - G.A. Aiken If you forgive the cover, this series is one of the most well made series I've ever read about in adult fantasy genre.This is a much better book than the last few (which is overwhelming funny) since this was appropriately a fantasy novel with blood, angst, dragons, minotaur, skyrim-worth of adventure, poltics and of course, Gwenvael - the poor dragon who always get punched by everyone in the last two books. All the thoughts of the author into this one book never cease to amaze me. The plot really did make more sense with the whole world building in the book.Gwenvael was toned down in this one to complement with Dagmar's sensibilities and occasional sarcasm. We get to see the continuation of the last two story in this one which someone create a whole new subplots inside the main story line. I thought that she would go like most serial authors who give Happily-Ever-Afters to their characters and wrote blandly about them in the subsequent books. There's a lot of intelligent quotes in this one and although I don't crack into laughter like the previous ones, I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and the characters.Authors really need to take Aiken's style of writing since she complements every scenes with minimal description but enough suspense and plot lines and make them memorable on their own. I can't stop saying that I adore the author and her complex intelligence to bring it out in writing.