Last Dragon Standing - G. A. Aiken How weird that the series is totally changing itself from smutty dragon humor/romance into a serious story about a war and internal conflicts between kingdoms and prophetic twin children. I hardly laugh in this book but it compensate with the drama and the politics around the Rhiannon's and Annwyll's thrones. Its a proper war book with all the blood and violence. The past character was prominent in this books without overwhelming the book's main character; Keita, her majesty spy, and Ragnar, the northland warlord who was helping the southland queen to retrieve her daughter and son.The book began 2 years after the last book which ends with Ragnar (who had kidnapped Keita) who went to the dragon queen for an alliance and end up with his warlord father killed by Izzy and Talith. And Keita who went to a mountain to study the warrior ways after being kidnapped by Ragnar's father and by Ragnar himself which she drove her spike-tail into his chest after he let her go. 2 years later, Ragnar with his brother, cousin and √Čibhear went to a castle to find Keita on an executioner board lamenting her innocence of the death of a lord (which is very funny btw) and the Ragnar find it weird to have her, a dragoness, making excuses when she could have just shift into a dragon and fly away. A family reunion and a heated argument and a foreign dragon who came to her rescue later, they went away to the kingdom of Annwyll the Bloody where they encountered even more siblings drama, distrust, occasional bone breaking and mini war etc.I really enjoyed this book. I always like the complex characters who evolved since the first book. Compared to the first three books, GA Aiken tried so hard to make in funny and compelling as erotica but in this one, it was a proper fantasy than a romance.