The Dragon Who Loved Me - G.A. Aiken This series is getting even better. It is set 5 years after the last book with the Southland and Northland dragons warring against the Thracian's Iron dragons and the Dark Plain Queen's army battling against the Sovereign's human soldiers. Its hardly a proper romance so some readers who needed instant gratification really does need to stay away from this series since its Game of Thrones except better and the girls are all warriors equal to the men. The war and the new and old characters were interchanging and memorable. I don't really feel the stories of the past several books ended completely so the continuation with the added conflicts really does add bulk to the overwhelming storylines. The contemporary dialogues made the book readable enough but overtime you get the feeling that there is more to come as the world building matured itself with the additional dragonkinds. Honestly, this is the series where I enjoyed the war stories. The author really does tied up the several loose ends but tangled it again and again. Did I say this book has better storyline than Skyrim? Oh, I don't.So I tell you this, this is much better than Skyrim. End of story.