Courtney Crumrin: Night Things v. 1 - Ted Naifeh Although the artwork is pretty much a mess but somehow it doesn't distract me to appreciate the story. Courtney Crumrin and her parents came to live with her granduncle, a mysterious figure in the small town. Courtney was very anti-social and somehow found herself intrigued with the darker side of the town where goblins, changelings and talking cat stalk its resident in a rather mischievously and nefarious ways. I do find Courtney to be a one-dimensional character until she took an interest in her granduncle's weird ways and the faery world just out of curiosity until she inevitably saving the day. For a gothic graphic novel, I guess its comparable to Kaori Yuki and the supernatural tv series that I've been devouring. Weirdly enough the Courtney is drawn in a rather animesque way but the rest of the paranormal creatures and scenery were drawn in noir-ish scratching like coming from a Neil Gaiman movie. For a beginning of a series, it does fit neatly in the hierarchy of dark graphic novels and appealing to younger dark-fiction audience like I was when I'm at school.