Beneath a Rising Moon  - Keri Arthur I love the werewolves in this series. A lot like Judy Mays' but with differences particularly its a mystery and thriller novel inside a romance novel.Neva Grant wanted nothing more than to avenge her twin, Savannah after an attack by a serial were-killer left her in coma. Neva began to pick up her sister's investigation which trace back to the notorious silver wolf packm The Sinclairs. Duncan Sinclair, a redeemed rebel in the family was determined to investigate the serial killings that seems to be related to his family. Neva seduced Duncan to gain access to the Sinclairs but instead she was snared when Duncan bound her to the moon promise as a slave to his dark desires. While they began to learn each other, a killer on the loose with them as the targets.Intrigue already? Its compacted, the story is stand alone and I often bring this book wherever I go because of the pocket size and the cover is gorgeous. Recommended to anyone who like sweet, spice and something that is hardly nice. *wink*