A Bride's Story 1 - Kaoru Mori, 森 薫 I really like it. I'm a fan of Kaoru Mori work during her Emma days (and the subsequently anime), so I am familiar with the details she did (like giving some history in Victorian era etc) so this novel is like a breeze. And nomadic Mongolian aren't a foreign idea for me either (being me a TVB wuxia dynasty geek) nor is the idea of arrange marriage. My sister is getting the later volumes so I shall wait for it.One thing that bugs me, Amir is a boy's name, the japanese edition might call her Amiru, which is less awkward but for the American translation to turn it into Amir is just weird for me. Oh well, Its a nice reading. I haven't been reading any manga ever since university (lack of internet connection do wonders on your patience), I usually go back and read my usual manga after dozen of chapters later (since these kind of manga are monthly per chapter of 12 pages or so).