No Mercy (Dark-Hunters) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Its a direct continuation from Bad Moon Rising after Sanctuary was dissolved and daimons raided the club which left Aimee and Dev's mother dead (and their father along with her) and thatdaimon can go into the sun which freaked out everyone since they can now kill people 24/7.The main focus of the story is of course, between a werebear Dev Peltier and Amazonian Dark-Hunter Samia. Sam was gifted with psychometry and the Daimon's leader wanted her to show him the way to undo the curse and so he send his newly modified vampire troops to kidnap her to the alternate dimension. Dev on the other hand saved her and try to keep her away from being a kidnapee and then they talk, they argue, they fight etc and then they found out they fall in love with each other but always they have this impending doom over their head and so they had to find the girdle of Hippolyta to save Sam from something even bad since the brother of her killer who she killed is not a Daimon but a demi-god-demon.... and so the overstretch canon with Nick and Acheron's secret... lalala....As a romance, its not that bad, there's funny moments when the old characters interacted with one another, something were left open-ended in the several previous books and resolved in this one and more things are left open.... sigh... you see why I spend years reading this series and still reading it.I am entertained, not complaining or what. Thats what fans are for.