KASINO - Saifullizan Tahir Is it weird? I like it. Its a fairytale story about a life of a promiscuous, spendthrift man who had his life turned upside down when he found himself owed money to the government and had to pay them under 14 days or risked being investigated by the IRS (or SPRM). Emphasize on fairytales, jeez, people do like take things too serious.Almost immediately, I thought the obvious brand endorsement and the narcissism was a tribute to the anti-hero legend..... Patrick Bateman I hope I'm not the only one who micro-second-laughed when there was that name that out of nowhere suddenly pop up in one page.Honestly, the name "Narcissus" is what probably the character think himself as. Like what "Fight Club" and "A Clockwork Orange" main character call themselves in. The MC's name was probably different and common (what does his mother think to call him that? its like calling your kid, Scorpius, Draco, Narcissa, Sirius, Severus...etc). But this book is the story about his life. His little world of his own. So who are we readers to say anything about it.For all he is, I do wish he would be more adventurous, psychopathic, highly functional sociopath thing... keep more skeletons in his closet than Mikael Blomqvist's woman's collection. Actually I'm quite fine with female portrayals in this book. It does balance out the overwhelming male force of the main character. Hey, I'm not all feminist the whole time.Problem with the book is that - the story is too slow. I like the Norman Bates thing but from the first chapter, I would have jump to chapter 10 (around page 200) just to see where the story goes according to the title. I couldn't say the book is quotable but at certain points along the way, I do appreciate the snide sarcasm through the book. Unhealthy as it is.In some near future, I would try to find this author's other books in bookstore. I really like his writing.... especially in a sort of obsessive compulsive way he had with labels and matching up with his side characters. Its very creepy and I like creepy author. And yay, the author didn't mess up with too many characters with too many baggages as side characters in his book. I always hate that happen...The sex innuendoes were very funny. I don't know but plainly, as crude as it literally possible, all the sex scenes in this book is very humorous. I don't know why people would think it was too 'hot' for some people. Pretty, mind-boggling because that would imply really2 high level of imagination for little non-graphical phrases to make you high while reading this. Hmmmm? I've probably read too many smut before...naughty2I would have renamed the title to something else, calling it "Kasino" had given me a free spoiler to the book considering it didn't happen 80% in the book. Honestly, it would be totally fine to call the book as 'Narcissus'. The main character calling his book with his name... I had no problem since.... obviously it IS the proper name for the book.