Possess - Gretchen McNeil I really like it.. for a debut novel. It borders Exorcist and Paul Wesley's Fallen, But I do have a problem with american writers trying to do asian characters. Bridget Liu Yue Ling (proper nomenclature, not Yueling Liu.. sounds weird)may be a half chinese half irish girl but the book clearly confuses her. One thing, there's a lot of japanese references along the line with one hint of her ancestry. Liu had a LOT of variation and I would have reffed it to Liu Bei (Romance of the Three Kingdom) which would make sense than random jizz about serving the emperor. I know it was written with good intention, but I do wish the author could make a lot of side references and try not to introduce a character just for a sake that she's a classified minority in US and no books have mixed racial characters. A lot of things didn't make sense but its okay, since its not a stand-alone book. Atleast, its more bearable than reading weird americanized honorifics.