Bicara Hati - Damya Hanna The book lies in tatters somewhere between my houses, my sisters and friends like it and I've read it quite enough to remember the story.It started when Zahlia and Tengku Syahran met by accident and soon after that, he propose her marriage to escape a marriage with another woman. Zahlia accepted the proposal for a sum for her friend's surgical cost while Syahran took her for another gold digger. Soon the marriage of farce began to take a toll on Syahran who began to feel real love for his contracted wife. Zahlia on the other hand was not as what she seems. A love triangle developed, family secret unearthed and plotting.It started great, halfway it gets good, the girl was spunky and dependable and the guy was tolerable and then suddenly the main female character fractured and then it became average near the end.But it was better than most of what I read from the genre in malay.