Kasih Yang Suci - Meen Zulaikha There's another book I like in which rape happened at the beginning of the story and they were separated and 10 years later and they got married. Sound familiar? but the difference is, the male lead seduced the female lead and the main character never raped the female (the rape was conducted by the male lead's ex-bestfriend and he died a deserving death 3 years before the main leads met again) and the drama was the male lead's wife who was psychopathic enough not to let go of her husband's marriage that she would rather die than watch another woman in her place.In this book. It was other way around.There's an actual submission guideline for a romance publication that I have that emphasize on not letting the male lead rape the female lead. (Rape can be use in the plot, but not between the main character)1 star : twisted way of rapist turned to husband... hey, I'm lenient reviewer when I'm thinking rather amoral (but keep the spoiler OUT of sypnosis pls)1 star : fairly well on the plot, but bad on the extra character structure (less is more), and romance progress is kinda nauseating as the female lead attempt to quench it and the male lead is giving more than he should have... but then again Seth Tan in real life (including the TV drama) would scare me. He has inner calculating masochist in his closet. As usual, it come out as attractive, mysterious, seductive and romantic. Thats how serial killer usual is.bah.. I expect to be flamed rather badly. I'll reread the book when I could get the whodunit rape fact out of my mind. But I really just abhor the idea of "male lead doing the actual rape".. its just wrong in every way