Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs Iron Kissed is the third novel in Mercy Thompson series about a young mechanic who is a skinwalker who have the ability to shapeshift to a coyote without side effects like the werewolves did. The book was a direct continuation from the second book, Mercy was forced to use a fae object to kill not one but two demon-possessed vampires. By doing this, she was on a debt to Uncle Mike who wanted her to help with finding clues from the houses where each of its fae resident were killed. Once Mercy had identified the scent and the killer, her debt was off until her fae friend, Zee was jailed after being found in the house of the murderer. Zee and Uncle Mike had decided to punish the killer but the killer were killed before they arrived. The police came sooner and Uncle Mike glamoured himself and watched Zee being taken by the cops. Uncle Mike called Mercy for help with the police department since she had some connections. Knowing that even with Zee's immunity to iron, he couldn't last long especially when the Gray Lords decided to sacrifice Zee for conveniences so that they can find the real killer on their own but Mercy would have it at that.To be honest, I'm enjoying the plot progression where Mercy decided to ignore the threats coming from everyone about letting Zee receiving the blame even when he is innocent and she recklessly bent on finding the real murderer of the fae murderer to clear her friend. Faced with frightening creatures and mysterious walking stick and psychopaths, her stubbornness eventually came with a price. Although I like the overall plot, I do find a bunch of things introduced in a rush to make reading the subsequent series is a must. If the series haven't been at its sixth novel, I would have been annoyed by it.As a side story, the tension were up between Mercy and both Samuel Connick and Adam Hauptman. Samuel was Mercy's first love and she would have eloped with him when she was sixteen had not the Marrok interfered and let Mercy become independent on her own, years later, Samuel decided to pursue her and conveniently became her roommate while actively trying to seduce her. Adam Hauptman is the Tri-Cities Alpha and had declared Mercy as his mate for safety and unbeknownst to her, he had weakened his pack while she was still undecided between both of the man. The author provided the struggle between the two alphas who are pressuring Mercy to choose between them but conveniently wrap it up with this book. The next book might have been more interesting with Mercy reaction to her chosen suitor. But the romance elements is pretty minimal but the intensity was heightened, which blended well with the story without overtly becoming a romance novel.Overall, I think its a great continuation from the second book, if you like crime and investigative novels with a hint of complicated romance and supernatural violence, Mercy Thompson might be perfect for you. But if you like a couple story with added crime and thriller to it, Alpha and Omega series might suit you since the third book (which are quite recently published) actually happen right after this one. To be honest, the serious overtone of the book might turn off readers who wanted lighthearted Urban Fantasy book, the descriptive investigation and violent crime scenes is not for those who like ordinary paranormal romance but if you like subtle paranormal romance but with a bunch of action and violence, I would have recommend this.