Blood Kin - M.J. Scott Blood Kin is a first person POV Paranormal Romance book about Holly, a half-fae spy who is forced by her father to spy on a sunmage, Simon DuCaine and the also a first person POV on Guy DuCaine, a templar who caught the said, spy, falling off a roof and eventually wanted some revenge to prevent more deaths and ambushes from Beast creatures. If you read the blurb given, its actually summarized the entire book to you. So let's cut the chase.I saw this book in a book ad and eventually I get them (I like girl spy novel) and am not pleased with it. For starters, although the book was set in a city with it paranormal intrigue with human, vampires, beast and fae fighting against one another, I don't really have the vibes of what it is. Someone said it is an urban fantasy while other said its steampunk while someone said its fantasy, so here I am, finished with the rest of the book and still maintain that it was a historical romance author trying to write a paranormal book and failing hard. I actually read 40% of the book in searching for some plot and the said action and to be honest, there's a lot of drama in this book that was not up to the cup of my tea. I eventually read it till the end since if I give up reading then, the book will remain unread forever. Most of the time, I was skeptical with awkward Victorian-age dialogues and even the first POV narrations were weak to maintain the charade. Holly was possibly the worst spy ever, majority of the story is about her making charm while another was her trying to spy but failing. She couldn't even fire a gun and the whole time she's as reliable as a gnat. I'm not sold by the author trying to come up with the character being spy (which are consistently being mentioned) when she barely even do enough spying. The are multitude of motive inconsistencies in every chapter and plots because the main focus of the story seems to be centered on the animal attraction between both POV characters. Normally, I don't mind this but if you are expecting a tough as nails female spy UF/PNR novel, you're out of luck. Its a classic damsel in distress situation with some romance with knight in shining armor, if you want a better read, you should check out Virginia Henley or Nora Roberts anthologies. Personally, I like the main story arc about a spy unwillingly being forced by her wicked father to do evil deeds but the author need to work up a proper tightfist storyline with enough complexities to made this book readable. There are thousands more books out there and this one fades in comparison. Most importantly, Keri Arthur quoted this book, oh darn it, I am a big fan of hers but to be honest, the quality of the story is bad. I can take bad writings and bad grammar but even for a romance novel, this book lack its allure.