Mikhail - Ramlee Awang Murshid The book entitled "Mikhail" is a suspense romance thriller about a hired killer who kill his old enemies because of his past. The book is written in a style of multiple POV with a lot of scenes changes which could make the most ADD of us disinterest and skip some chapters (which quarter of the book, its quite fine to skip over and still maintain the story progression). I don't really know why the author relied on using multiple POV in his books. Although I had tried my hand on multiple POVs, I find that reading and writing it was tiresome to the story and although it may bring up the word count but essentially doesn't contribute anything to the storylines. Albeit, its not too complicated for me but overtime I'm thinking that RAM is trying to make himself sound genius to show that readers doesn't even surf internet or something. Is it necessary to info dump everything from a translated version of quackery conspiracy theorists of the internet? Honestly, I'm fine if you want to explain quantum physics in three chapters long but information like hidden symbols in 1USD dollars made me think about Dan Brown and his tiresome way of trying to make his books into bricksized but left the plot hanging out of balance.The idea of the book was providing fast paced entertainment for the readers which I found to be a disadvantage since its in written words. I never actually like spy novels or flash mystery novels since its way much better in movie form. Plainly as I could, I never knew Ramlee Awang Murshid would do an airport novel. Yes, the book is by definition an airport novel, something to read in a long duration of time and forget about it. In fact, there's a part of the chapter in which Mikhail make excuse to go to a bookstore in an airport which is hilarious.I've read a lot of these "time-draining" fictions but thrillers fiction are the most irritating part of these fiction subsets. Most specifically, MALE fiction mixed with romance. Honestly I do understand the writer is not a female, but why do I always find woman author made better male character than a male authors ever does to a female characters. Why can't authors ever do unisex books? Keep it neutral and interesting, like alpha male and alpha female or omega female and beta male who turned alpha and etc.Two of the major female characters in this novel was Zetty and Rai who are sisters and one of them is a cop while another is a corporate person who helped with their father's company. Rai apparently was Mikhail's love at the first sight and with whom Rai's had Stockholm's Syndrome with since Mikhail should have killed Rai first before he could murder any of the people in KL list. The romance part of the book made me sullen and disinterest. I like it better if Mikhail was paired with Zetty. All Rai ever do was cry and run away and get captured again which is boring. She's like a supporting character to the main male character and fall all over his shoes trying to bring him to the bright side of the force. I don't even know why she's acting so lovelorn in that way beside my conclusion that she had psychological breakdown that leads her to have feelings for him. To be honest, I'd wish Mikhail actually impersonate as someone else to gain their confidence and use Rai and then crush her feelings until she feel heartbroken enough to kill herself which leads to the sufferings of her family indirectly. Oh well, I'm not the author.At the end of the book, although we were indulged with various gun fights and romance and conspiracies. There's also the glaring obscenities of plot holes. When I read thrillers, there's usually a continuation so I didn't really focus on the depth of the depicted storylines. But with the stand-alone book centred on an international link of professional killers who are intend on murdering economic links of people, there's not too much to show the readers the big organization behind the whole thing. It was hinted, it wasn't shown. It's supposedly a big thing but with the deus ex machina on board, I don't think it will ever be mentioned. At all.If you cut out the story into 'tree of connecting' things, you'll see strings of something that are incoherent with the whole ABC's Revenge storyline.I don't know why but the cover is so darn ridiculous (the guy is running "ayam2 kuching2" with a gun... wth?) I can't believe publishers still do copy paste covers anyway. Karangkraf, my four year old niece can do better covers with instagram. Please fire your cover artists or give him a lomocam and just get out of the building and take pictures with it. I don't know how this book does it but whenever I read the 'paranormal fantasy' part of this book with its constant detailed on sunlight flared across the eye thing, I remember this meme or specifically.. Does Ramlee Awang Murshid ever realize he's doing a JJ Abrams in this book?It started strong but half way, it started to lose its way and fall back to obscurities between "would-be awesome" to "plain facepalming". If you need a mindless fast pace novel, feel free to get this book. If you don't like the idea of insta-love, multiple POVs or Bourne rip-off in anything, skip this book.