Lethal Rider - Larissa Ione Lethal Rider is the continuation of the Lord of Deliverance series from which one the Horseman of Apocalypse – Reseph’s seal was broken (or killed) and he became Pestilence and started the clockwork of apocalypse. Three of the Horseman – his brothers and sister- tried to find ways to stop him but after countless attempts, they had no choice but to find some ways to eliminate him before the entire population obliterate by incoming demonic forces. Two of the horseman, Ares (War) and Limos (Famine) survived the attempts to broke their seal while Thanatos (Death), based on a prophecy, assumed his virginity was his seal and for thousand of years he became a celibate to prevent himself from becoming Death. But of course, one Aegis agent (kinda slayer society) managed to get both of them drunk and under influenced and she actually take his virginity which pissed him off mightily since he thought his seal was broken (that he nearly killed the island’s population in a sonic wave blast) and so his siblings paralysed him by demonhound’s venom so that he won’t go kill anyone again.For 8 months he spent watching Jersey Shore and telemarketing until he could escape.At the start of this book, Regan was heavily pregnant with Than’s child and began having nightmares about her dying and him covered in blood next to her. Suddenly, she was attacked by a vampire and Than (newly prison break) came and saved her. Realizing he’s the father of her child, Regan had a bit misgivings about letting him protect her and her child (who they now realize was Than’s apocalypse seal) especially with his caveman ways and short fuse to damned destruction (well, he is Death, duh).Initially I had troubled with Than’s tendencies to overreact (boy, for an old old old guy, he did have them by buckloads) and the storyline kinda go to the same ways as cheap romance novels that was my guilty pleasure after depressing novels. Well, its the whole “fall in love after being pregnant and insecure tortured guy” thing. Frankly, for a story about impending apocalypse, the author doesn’t practice frugality in killing every several characters in every pages in spine breaking, blood gushing and multitude of beheading with dramatic arterial spattering.Well, I had keen appreciation for paranormal horror stories so if you like a bit Dexter and the sexy part of True Blood, I’m sure that you will enjoy this book.Since the previous book had build up to this one book, its best to say that I had faith that Larissa Ione won’t disappoint me in the next one. Well, you did get the whole idea that the world was already at the verge of collapse from all the destruction but to completely turn the antagonist in a way like it was mindblowing and very intriguing. I am so happy that the next book will be out at the end of the year so I will elaborate more about the series once I’ve reached the ending.Final words, about the book, the cover is absolutely gorgeous. So is the next one too… *bite fingernails*