Embrace the Dark - Caris Roane go to my blog to see my exact reaction in simpler words...Embrace The Dark is a sensual vampire romance novella about a human, Abigail, who wanted to open a bakery in a supernatural realm where everyone loves her cupcakes. Its also a story of a mastyr vampire, Gerrod, who control the entire vampiric population and have castle and have to fight some red wraith stuff and fall in lust with the human whom he absolutely shouldn’t be in lust with because of the whole vampire community disapprove of having relationship with a human despite she bake nice cupcakes. The whole while, he remained absolute gentleman trying to not succumb to the temptation of Abigail with her herbal scent.The writing style was juvenile and out of context for a PNR novel set in contemporary timeline. It does filled with redundancies in the most inappropriate situation. The plot and characterisation held inconsistencies within its bulk of world building and thus weakened the storyline. The dialogues were awkward and plain uneventful despite being set in an eventful life-threatening situation. There were also overtones of chic lit instead of what should be a more serious storyline. It does get repetitive with all its talk about how thoughtful and romantic the male protagonist is and apparently the female character were just full of fluff and unmemorable in its MarySueism farfetchedness.I’m not sure how to respond to the book as it is. If you like to read the normal romance section in a book store, I don’t think it will be much an issue. But I do read a lot of PNR and for most of the time, I find that PNR have better world building, good characterization and better action than average romance novel and men’s science fiction and fantasy. Although generally I have low expectation for romance novels, the book is definitely not up to my reading preference. If you’re seeking for more than just light reading, the book is definitely not for you.ARC by the courtesy of Spencerhill Associates via NetGalley and the book will be published on 1st of July 2012.