Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life  - Bryan Lee O'Malley since im too lazy to put gif link in here, see them all in full colour glory ---> blog postWhile surfing NetGalley out of boredom, I saw Oni Press offering review copy for new edition of Scott Pilgrim. Which is a coincidence since I was singing Scott Pilgrim vs the World OST in my head since a week ago.I do eventually read the Scott Pilgrim volumes and to be honest, I don't really see why Micheal Cera was chosen to be Scott Pilgrim. He's so.... .. darn skinny-ish while Scott look generally healthy and sometimes full of vigor... I saw him in Juno and Zombie movie later on and frankly its not healthy to look sunken like that. Oh well, he's my age too, come to think of it.Ramona Flowers are the prominent female role in the movie (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and in the comic but I do find in some ways both of the character are not the same. I mean, the movie version does come out as bored, bland and mysterious while the comic's version came out as awkwardly innocent and funky in some way. She doesn't really changed much by every volumes but its not that hard to see that comic's version are much better. Sorry, Mary.I can't find the heart to comment much on the storyline of the book because its just a short graphic novel with several scenes and I've read the volumes before and it can be sound too repetitive since the graphic novels have been out for a long while now so practically the book have been spoiled by spoilers anyway.But the question was, should you read the book that have been out ages ago even in colour?As a fan, (yes, I am), I do collect collectibles but I do occasionally note some publishers like to milk something more out of already drained series of something. Besides, recommending something for you to purchase when you already have the original work does sound too overzealous but you do need to know the differences if you want to purchase this.Anyway, on the original artwork, it really does look like a bunch of messy scratching without an assistant to help erasing all that. I guess I read too many manga in my lifetime that I rarely read these types of graphic novels but these black and white scratchings really does annoyed me.When watching the movie, I do find the lack of colours in the original graphic novels to be a disadvantage. I love the volumes too until I found out that I need to wait for months and years for the next edition so I kind of forget about "Scott Pilgrim" besides occasional singing the songs. Darn it, the songs are darn catchy.So.... if your like me, someone who know Scott Pilgrim through the movies (well, I hardly read any Canadian artworks anyway), you'll immediately find the appeal of having the book.So when a colourist came in to add vibrancy into the graphic volumes and the artwork get clean up for the colours, you really see the appeal of it. (despite, the obvious rough edges from the heavy hand drawings) I mean, I love the movie because all these neon colours and video game - style cinematography. But I don't know you, but in the movie, Scott is not really that much an asshole like the graphic novel. Well... err.. he is, duh. Knives vs Ramona. Ding2?Its hard to explain artworks so I'm showing you this to note the details of the colours in this volune. I'm but glad to say that the newer version of the graphic volume is more fun to read now than it was before. The story is fast paced and funny if you're a game geek in some ways. There's also some freebies at the end of the novel about the history of the characters and stuff and if you really love the series, its not really a bad purchase even if you have the old ones. The story is still the same but the added colours provided clear dimension to the reading experience.Although the movie added its appeal to the entire franchise but considering I haven't read the entire series past 4th volume, so I shall be anticipating the future upgraded volumes in months to come. Review copy from Oni Press via NetGalley and the coloured edition will be out in hardcover on 8th August 2012. Goodreads : 5 stars because I'm perfectly bias and adore Scott Pilgrim series :)