Street Magic  - Caitlin Kittredge Some years ago, I went to BBW sale in the lot that was now BookXcess and I fell in love with Nocturne City series. Unfortunately, after several books I lost interest in it since basically the plot were moving but Miss Kittredge didn't actually elaborated about her main characters so its like finding a piece of treat in the middle of a lengthy series. But then I read her Iron Codex series and I fell in love with her noir stories again. Score!And I found out that she's the same age as my sister, wow....The main appeal of this series (on contrary with her other protagonists: Luna and Aoife) was the language and the characters in this book.Honestly, there's got to be a word count for "bloody", "fucks" and "cunts" in this book by both main characters. It does make me think about Being Human's sarcastic humor and The Fades's noir overtones. Well, its set in London so if you're unfamiliar with some of the lingos you might have a hard time following the novel. (well, basically, I'm Asian and I had to learn a bunch of local and overseas lingos in multiple languages so its not that hard you know. And I watch BBC series like it was some sort of crack so... embrace the culture)The characterization styles was like genius. I rarely see this in urban fantasy for female readers since somehow all of them expected the same characters of Buffy and Angel. Its not that bad but its quite tiring after a long while.The female protagonist was Pete which is a weird name for a girl who is a detective inspector who investigates a missing person's case and received an informant who she had saw dead 12 years ago. She's goddamn stubborn, like a counter-intuitive version of Olivia Dunham... oh slash that, Pete is like Fauxlivia Dunham except she's British and have foul mouth and smoke cigarettes. She have nightmares involving freakish wrinkled bones things giving her something in her sleep that she scream every night till her fiancée dumped her (what a asshole!) and now he bugged her in weird moments in her days asking her to sign a lease to sell their apartment, again, asshole. She didn't seek out romantic aspiration like every urban fantasy book characterss that I read (but hey, I'm still reading them so I'm not complaining) and when she set her mind to something she just do it impulsively. I mean, like really, you don't ever say no to her. Like ever. She's like a terminator or something, she got a scratch, a stab wound, mind-tortured or something, and she's up on her feet even when she's covered in blood. She's really mean too but darn fascinating. Honestly, the book cover doesn't justify her character. She's like Eliza Dushku slash Sherlock Holmes slash Fauxlivia Dunham. Frankly, I love Faith more than Buffy