Consent to Love - Abby Wood To be perfectly honest, the book was average. Sure, it does promise you that one thing but what I'm looking for in a book was the quality of writing, characterization and fluidity of the storyline. It might sound weird to be asking it in an adult romance sub genre but its still a piece of published work so naturally I assumed it have gone through phases of the horrendous pre-publishing work (most importantly proof reading). However, this book failed in every of those thing except that I like the basic story but still it failed to amuse me enough. The dialogues are so darn repetitive and the plot is repetitive too. It is so unnatural and awkward in so many level. Even now, when I reread some quotes from the 'filler' part of the book which naturally I just skip through because of the said dialogues, I just continue reading through it to know the ending and then send it to the "Read" collection and want to forget about it but... its a review copy, so we're back to square one.Ana is just shabby. She's like Sookie Stackhouse. Whenever I read her, I remember Sookie. FYI, I love Anna Paquin in True Blood but I hate Sookie in the books. I don't know why, despite all her dreams and all, when reading her, she's like an empty shell. Which I kind of get it if you like to read those "Choose your own adventure" aka mary sue characters, but at least breathe some soul into her. Her soulmate, Kane, was your average run down the mill alpha-male characters with insecurities but when I read him was he made reading him as an awkward event all together. He was inconsistent despite being a secondary point of view character. Yes, he is a hot god-like perfect male native american specimen but unlike the previous netgalley book (which is pretty interesting in a way), this book made me so frustrated about the whole thing. I like reading any types of characters no matter what race he or she was. Take this book with a harlequin novella with hunky guy in the cover and add some f-words and you get this book.As a reader of everything, I don't really have any expectations for adult sub-genre romance novels. They can be downright ridiculous or serious-overtone with heavy 'fillers' but as long as theres some plot and some action, I would read it when I'm bored enough. The plot, characterization and dialogues from this book failed me. There's not much to say anything except trying to find something to unread what I've read.Review copy received from Carina Press. Book was published on 2 April 2012.