The Wood Queen (The Iron Witch, #2) - Karen Mahoney Oh gosh this series is too dragging. I spend a full week trying to continue reading this book and its so exhausting.Initially I thought the book was set in victorian era (like normal steampunk stuff) but no, its modern era but the people talk like they haven't been in modern era. The setting's and character's dullness, which made me initially confused, was horrendous. Is this suppose to be dystopian but no, its like a secret society story in america. Yeah, you get me right...and the girl was complaining about her being 'exiled' to england. Girl, I WANT to stay in England. Free of charge at that. Jeesh... you can go all touristy and such and no one cares.This book is not for those who like to read in full speed because this book stunted every chapter and shows little story progression until quarter end. I did comment about the length in the previous book but in this one, come on, its like waiting for tv series hiatus (which I was! Fringe TVD and OUAT was on hiatus, hence why I read this book) and then what you get was a goddamn turd.and then what finally got to me in a most eyes-opening way was the book written in second point of view but in the style of first person point of view. Thats why it made me confused, POVs is like watching through a window or reside in someone's head or tagging along with the characters like some sort of guardian angel. But this?! Confused me a lot. Its like getting information dump on a lot of unnecessary things. Do I need to know every details of your feelings? Thats what first POV are for!I'm really hoping the third book doesnt come out this year or I'm gonna go bald from pulling my hair everytime Donna do something so inane. Like write a diary, argue with the evil aunt or compare three boys and at one time wondered if her virtue is compromised for being alone with a guy, or suddenly had a dose of Cortexiphan in her and then she could do what Olivia Dunham do. Hell I dont really have a magnificent enlightenment when you glow like a tinkle bell and then you teleported yourself to places you want to be. Did I say I took one week trying to continue reading from chapter 5? and a month since I began reading this book?yeah