The Iron Thorn - Caitlin Kittredge This book is tiring my brain. Its like watching Inception in 3D along with the Karen Marie Moning's Faefever series. Its deep. Its neurotic. Its psychedelic. Its like the feeling I get when I had to read a jumble of medical journal under a day. I love Caitlin Kittredge's books, I think this one is like her serials except she lump several books together to make 40 chapters of unpredictable psychosomatic multi-genre fiction. Its not Young Adult, it doesn't even deserve to be lump with the same category Twilight lived. The character is so frustrating cryptic that you are actually felt wanting to wring something. The story flows in an erratic unpredictable manner that you have to second guess everything. One fact lead to another lie which lead to another truth which leads to another maze of thoughts. Its a story within a story that it felt like the book is leeching your soul as Aoife use the Weirding ways. (Oh wait.. thats Dune ref)Everything is NOT flawless (I mean the character is not soulless, the story progressions are not too stunted and filled with fillers, the characters doesnt deviate to much from its main goal, the subscenes are not illegible, very imaginative..) Its a puzzling conundrum of literature. Its not so cryptic to subpar Lord of The Ring books (which I admit, I rather watch the movies than read the books) nor it was aimed towards the teenage age group but its a fresh take on the Young Adult genre books especially if you are 20-something like me.But Miss Kittredge did gave something to her readers. The book is positively rereadable. Some books depended on the continuations but this book is can stand alone by itself. Of course, none of the major crisis is resolved, but the ending give a lot of food for the thoughts.Sigh, I like books that allow the readers to think. If you read it again, be sure to notice clues.