Hallowed - Cynthia Hand Well, honestly, the book did started of like any other embellished teenager tv series or book series does, like... go to school, boy problem and such and honestly, I don't even LIKE these kind of stories but weirdly enough I do read through it since its such an emotional ride.From the first book, we get to know... errr.... ok.. here's the problem with first person novels, I ALWAYS forget the main character's name. ok.. Clara, an angel who saved her boyfriend Tuck in a forest fire and then found out that Christian is an angel like her. Then there's Angela's club and etc...The book made me cry nonstop half of the storyline and there's the whole Angel things, a fallen angel in love with Clara's mother, stalking and etc. Honestly, its a good story.. but kinda being whitewashed like The Vampire Diaries. I wonder if that even make sense.I'll rereview the book since I had bakery class after this.