Darkness Unbound - Keri Arthur Risa Jones is a half-Aedh and half-werewolf, rich owner of a famous cafe with several gifts that she uses on request by her mother, a well-known public figure who one day received a request from a mother and asked Risa to help her. Being a ahalf-Aedh, Risa was able to see reapers who followed the person who is going to die soon. She can also reach into the grey area of the living to feel whether a soul have gone through or not. However, when she arrived to the bed where a little girl lay dying, she found out that the girl was merely a husk and her soul were already destroyed by an evil being. Rumours amounted that her father, whom she never met, was going to disrupt the doors between worlds and so she was being pursued by people who wanted answers to wherever he was. Problem was Risa had never met with her father and suddenly she was stuck between the power-hungry supernaturals who wanted the key that could control the gates of heaven and hell. Besides that, because of her father's plans, she was trailed by a reaper and fell in lust with a mysterious Aedh whom she had sated her hunger with. And with a slight cameo of the folks in Riley Jenson series, the book was within the comfortable zone besides all those world building hassle that thickened the page numbers but thinned the storylines. Honestly, the book balanced the genre it thrived and very fast paced and emotional to make this a better version of Riley Jenson which I got tired after several books.For the beginning of a series in a familiar world, I think this book does wonders and the storyline had the right elements to bring all into its place which I think Keri had practiced on with several genres (from three way romance to erotica to mystery and procedural crime) I guess the threesome love is like prolonging the shelf-life of a series these days. Of course, a lot of stuff that was happening doesn't explain within itself. Which is why it necessitates a serial.