Coraline - Neil Gaiman Although I adore the movie, I find it to be too scary for me -a twenty year old something who can dissect rats alive with some surgical scissors under 5 minutes- but my nieces love it which baffled me and honestly I don't like rewatches. At all. It creeps me out. The book however, does what the movie lacks - explanations without visual calisthenic. I think I have reverse attention deficit or something. I can't really understand the movie with all its animations and sounds.Despite the length of the book, the story actually weight a lot and there were minimal fillers as it goes straight into the main plot without frills. The horror descriptions of the mist, skeletal figures, sunken faces and button eyes on perfect fa├žade is actually pretty darn realistic to an imaginative mind. I don't really think I would want my 'future' (maybe) children to read this until they're older but for a fiction, it does entertain and moving in a sort of twisted way.