The Kingdom - Amanda Stevens If the book series was opted for a movie series... I'll be the first to cheer for it!Its the dark world of a woman named Amelia Gray or famously known as The Graveyard Queen for her work in cemetery restoration. This time, she decided to take a job at a town isolated from the world where she would escape her life in Charleston and from the ghost-haunted police detective, Devlin whom she had fallen for. There she found herself intrigued with the menacing characters of the Asher Falls residents and the attraction she faced with Thane Asher, of the family from the town's famous resident. As soon as she stepped into the island, Amelia couldn't seem to shake away the feeling of death and destruction heading to her way.I've fallen for the author's storytelling from the first book and I'm quite glad that she decided to tell more about our elusive Amelia Gray. The town was a mirror image of the mystery HOG game Phantasmat in which I played last year with the half of the town fallen under the depth of a lake and the dead were still lying under the waters and still restless in death as they are in life. In some ways, I do imagine Asher Falls as the Phantasmat town with its dark gloomy humidity and smell of rancid decay. This was no way a plagiarism.. there's real town and cities that had fallen underwater by various means. So far, I had never read any book (yet) of the hidden underwater graves of many.The writer decided to tone down the romance from the last two books and went on telling the story of a haunted town and delving into Amelia's past. Richly descriptive in gothic horror surroundings, its like you are being immersed in the world of a woman who are afraid and at the same time brave to face the unknown alone without anyone else knowing of her capabilities. The novel itself was hauntingly ethereal and captivating.