PECAH - Khairulnizam Bakeri You know all the hype with the Ocean Eleven and such "wah... bestnya thriller" comments, I thought it would be... a thriller. Unfortunately, its a drama with several pages of guns and violence in it. Remember CW's Ringer? Like that. Honestly, I was confused with the back and forth retrospective storytelling. I think this is far more tiring than The Night Circus, but I usually read through it anyway.I dislike the overwhelming amount of characters in this book. Is it really necessary to lump everything but leave someone's else as bland and empty? Because usually, it will result in inconsistencies. The characterization stretch thinly until the final page where usually it left you empty without wanting more. I like the adultery, the whole shapeshifting persona and vague complexities but so far, I was more concerned with the characters than the story which I think was okay, as in, you might be satisfied just by reading the summary instead of devouring it by words.It started with a full five star and by then, I'm not a happy girl, I find a lot of it was a bit too messy to take seriously. As a debut novel, the writing itself was okay but as a thriller. If you are an mystery/action/thriller reader, like reading Kerry Greenwood, Dan Brown or James Patterson or Dexter or Bourne thriller, this book is just too plain and reserved for beginner readers of the genre. Honestly, it left me cold. Therefore, the book is a struggle to read and too tame for the genre it serve. One word, dude. Scrivener. Use it. Scratch some of the characters, add more descriptive on parts that need it, how on earth suddenly they come up with purdah and such etc. The motives need to be subtle enough to the point its not predictable. I am not that amazed enough to put gif into this book. Its pretty overrated for a debut thriller novel. The author have to better come up with a real thriller or make the movie version a bit more than police making multiple conclusion and none of it right until the end.