The Hunger Games  - Suzanne  Collins UPDATE on 22/3/12After two years of waiting... Yay~~~~and the movie is awesome! I love you Jennifer Lawrence! But I gotta say, its not a movie you bring your girlfriend to. I wanna laugh when a couple have it enough during the scene in Cornucopia and left. Mwahaha... .... ... bodoh.And people who says "some important scenes are not in" are wrong. This is 2+ hours movie and you CANT put everything in it. And its partially-second POV movie, its not like you HAVE to put every single quotes in it. Argh.. I hate bloody purist.I like this better than Battle Royale movies adaptation. Sorry, Shuya Nanahara, Katniss is much better than you. I'm in love.I want Catching Fire now!-----------------I tried waiting for long enough for the movie to come out and I kept the book in the iron vault (thats what I called the storage shed outside where I kept most of my books cos the house is too small for my stash) but I can't.. the temptation is too great. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!I actually get this book in a bargain bin. Its a local edition but surprisingly, no one seems to bother by it. I mean, hello... I bought it for RM5 aka barely $1.25. Its not a bin-worthy at all. Its a GEM! Somehow I'm very bothered by Malaysians reading habit. They buy Twilight books in buckets and left this awesome book in a bargain bin. What Hunger Games have?Autocratic society, fairly Final Fantasy VII like (dude, how could you not. The trains, the flowers, the desperation), mismatched characters, thoughtful surrealism in human nature, imaginative, shocking. Its a mix of Battle Royale (where kids in one class fight each other in an island where they are monitored and two winner came to at end and fight against the government). I don't really think about Lords of the Flies and The Long Walk since both of the story is different although similar.and 4.54 with thousands of ratings is good enough for me.