Invincible - Sherrilyn Kenyon The book was a short read if you consider not taking in the cameos. But it's still funny and entertaining to read.Post-Zombie attack, Nick Gautier was back at school. Things became a lot more or less shiny. Kids his age were killed randomly and he got a psycho coach to worry about. There's a lot new player in town and everyone want a piece of Nick Gautier. Or better yet, trying to get him into the dark side quicker. So demon attacks on the rise, (which I was waiting for my fav demon slayer's boss to come into pictures but nope...) Nick got to get himself together even when he suddenly pop Mortal Kombat in his head. Ambrose/Future-Nick was trying not to involve himself too much in the timeline. Death suddenly became a double-agent mentor to Nick and then the whole Kody mystery (why Future-Nick didnt know her existence in his timeline) and what made the demons on the rage trying to get Nick Malachai-ed, whats going on?Sigh...Personally, this book suffers a Fringe's "Peter Bishop" syndrome. In season 3, he went to the future and came back and changed the course of the future (instead him destroying the alternate dimension, he welded them together with a bridge) but instead he had annihilate his existence in the prime world (September choose not to save Peter in the new timeline's past) which left things that happen and that does not happen that effects the timeline. In season 4, he came back and no one remembers him. Except Olivia and the Observers.So, with "Invisible", the Darkhunter-slash-Daimon-slash-Malachai Nick Gautier, in case people wondering and who get confused with the whole canon madness on why I think its an alternate version of DarkHunter series, was that he was already centuries old and he already fell into the dark side of the force and if he didnt stop his dark side, the world literally ended so he tried to change his past which of course will affect the future (Simi had problem with effect and affect which I agreed) which was 14 years old Nick Gautier. Specifically why he chooses this timeline was that Kyrian chooses then Nick as his squire. Inevitably whether Nick like it or not.This series does give me headache, Nick didnt know he was a Malachai until after he became a DarkHunter, he was a normal human squire for Kyrian until several books later. He had a good normal life until he slept with Simi which causes Acheron to curse him to kill himself and which leads to Hurricane Katrina and Nick's mother demise and then he became a Dark-Hunter. Why I spoil this in my review was that in this book, Nick/Ambrose were already spoiling younger Nick about his powers. Gave his younger self the sword and was already in much trouble than he should be. And spoil the stories even more. He was Acheron best friend until Simi-incident which Nick never forgive him until 27th of the DarkHunters series. Majority of it was about Nick emo-ing anyway. So with Future-Nick saying to Past-Nick to not to be close with Acheron and to always protect his mother was a dead giveway. Plus, Kody wasnt in Future-Nick's timeline, in Future-Nick's timeline, he was fated to be another girl and lead a normal life but no... Acheron somehow does dominos which made the whole timeline screwed over twice.So with this paradox, I was already thinking, what if the DarkHunter series is like several dimension from our beloved series and Future-Nick was from the alternate-alternate timeline. Again... Why Kenyon do JJ Abrams madness onto me? I'm already WTFBBQ with Olivia mind meld two days ago.and I've noticed the book series havent had one mention of Artemis, Omegrion, Katagaria, Arcadians, Apollites except with the smidge of Daimon reference.... kinda odd, since Nick was already a squire. Transitioning for the audience?